Principal's Message

Marie Balavenne’s Catholic College (MBCC) is a co-education boarding school established on Friday, 16th September, 2011. The school is managed by the Daughters of the Holy Spirit (DHS), and international women religious congregation founded in France in 1706. MBCC is located in a quiet agrarian community of Ilogbo in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.  Thus, the school is part of the “Gateway Belt” of Lagos State – just about 40mins drive from Lagos. The pioneer group were twelve students and four teaching staff. The records show that one Miss Benedicta Chekani was the first registered student who arrived in the morning of the said date at exactly 9am. Thus, MBCC was established to continue the tradition of DHS, whose First Sisters gathered to “serve the poor, sick and children.” The Nigerian foundation of DHS (established in 1964) continues the over 380years tradition of training young minds and hearts in MBCC.
The Spirit of the School – drawn from the charism of Daughters of the Holy Spirit
MBCC is a faith-based school. It is a Catholic school managed with the charism of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit. The Daughters are simple women gathered together to listen to the Holy Spirit in our world through ´prayer and discernment. ´ They are generally involved in education of the young through schools, social work, youth apostolate, pastoral work and medical care. Thus, the charism of the Daughters is infused into the school through various means so that the minds and hearts of the young students will be formed in the spirit of service, dedication, discernment, discipline and right attitude to life.
The Daughters has been missioning competent hands to manage the school since inception. The mustard seed was planted by Sr. Pricilla Madumere, DHS, the first Principal of the school. She handed the seedling over to Sr. Anthonia Falope, DHS who nurtured it into a young plant - junior school. Sr. Mary Ahutu, DHS took over from Sr. Falope and brought the school to it first graduation in July 22, 2017 with twelve (12) students which the nickname TWELVE APOSTLE. Starting from January 8, 2020, Sr. Rosemary Etim, DHS was missioned as the Principal and is currently steering the ship of the school to a greater sea! However, the attitude of the Daughters remains the same:
The school follows the Nigerian Curriculum. Our primary objective is to train future leaders and God-fearing citizens for the nation and the world. However, our students participate in international examinations like SAT, ACT, IGCSE, etc. Thus, the teaching schedule takes into account the different curricula that these examinations require and prepare the students adequately for it. We think globally, but well rooted in Nigerian and African cultures. For example, there is an integrated farm within the school compound where the students can learn the rudiments of indigenous systems of life and problem solving. The students consume the farm produce and they participate to some extent in producing what they eat. There is also a Nursery /Primary school within the same space which enables the school to mimic the family setting where all age groups meet and interact.

Co-Curricular Activities
Prefect in the school: While the school class teachers appoint the class prefects and other leaders within a class, the students elect the School Prefects through a democratic method. The candidates for the elections would meet basic requirements like impeccable disciplinary records and attain certain percentage of academic standard. There is also a sort of screening by the Prefect Selection Committee made up of select staff and students from all classes. Finally, there is Manifesto, Campaign and the actual voting. The winning candidates (students) are inaugurated after a leadership workshop and three days spiritual retreat to prepare them for the task.
MASS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:  As Daughters of the Holy Spirit, we invoke the spirit at the beginning of our day, any activity or mission. In the same way, MBCC begins a new academic year with a special mass called Mass of the Holy Spirit we commend the academic session to God through the auction of the holy spirit. It is our official matriculation for those admitted that year. As we sang, during the 350th anniversary of DHS, Spirit of truthfulness breath of the Lord, Spirit of Liberty come within our heart.
SUMMER CAMP:  The students are exposed to three weeks vocational training in catering and hospitality management, decoration, knitting and home management. It is open to all students except SSSI and SSS2
INTERNSHIP FOR JSS3: on completion of their junior certificate examination the JSS3 proceed for a month internship program in the intending career which helps in exposing them to right career choice for the future. This is often done in June.
CITIZENSHIP AND LEADERSHIP TRAINING CENTRE:  This is a leadership programme for SS1 students during summer at SEA SCHOOL APAPA. To build their capacity to lead and be led.
SERVICE PROGRAMME: In the world today where individualism and materialism has taken over the communal living, MBCC students are not only trained in to acquire the knowledge but also to circumcised their heart to the cry of the poor and make it their own. Through their involvement in lived in programme in destitute centers, orphanage and old people’s homes within the country. They also embark on community services whereby the student help in Saturday classes in the neighboring community school as a way of imparting to the less opportune student of this village. This is done by SS2 students from 8am – 1.30pm. Every Saturdays and public holidays.
Recollection: This is a monthly activity where all students observe a day of recollection. The purpose is to reflect on life in the school in the light of faith and gospel. It is an opportunity to learn solitude, discernment, and deeper prayer life.
EL CAMINO RETREAT 1 (4days): For SS3 (First Term). This is a time that they would reflect on their lives especially HOW they did their Service Programme. The two Samaritan stories in the bible would be a key guide to the reflection.
EL CAMINO RETREAT 11 (3days): Just before graduation, the SS3 would round off stay in MBCC with a three days retreat praying through their secondary experiences; and lunching themselves into the wider world as young adults.
The second one is the graduation retreat to prepare them for transition from high school to the experience outside the confinement of the MBCC.
 CULTURAL DAY: Our identity and heritage, these values are thought and demonstrated by setting aside a day in every second term to celebrate our unity in diversity. Each tribe is unique which show case through our various meals, ethnic attire and posture. It’s usually a day longed for by students, parents, staff and well-wisher.
CLUB EXHIBITION DAY: The school has eight clubs for the formation of the social dimension of the student’s life. These are:
1.    Literary and debating club
2.    Drama club
3.    Red cross
4.    Road Safety club
5.    French club
6.    Young farmers club
7.    Jets club
8.    Press club

On this day the various clubs in the school exhibit their creativity and giftedness. It is often held every third term.
INTER HOUSE SPORTS: Although we are yet to introduce the annual inter house sport competition. In -line with the preparatory events to mark the 10th anniversary of the school. Our annual inter house sport competition will come up every first term.
ADMINISTRATOR’S DAY: It is the day that the students are in charge of the school as part of their leadership formation. This comes in every second term of the school academic year.
VISION OF MBCC.  To establish a faith-based educational institution for youth upbringing, offering them integrated education, rooted in Catholic Tradition and African cultures, so that they can thrive in the world.
MISSION OF MBCC.  Collaborating with others, especially those who work for justice and peace, to restore the dignity of men and women of our time.
1) MBCC!!!     Thrive….with others